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Experience the delicious, undistracted silence of the present moment

Hari's Treasure is a collection of products which support a well-being experience through authentic blends.
With formulas that are carefully chosen by the Hari's Treasure master blenders, we combine specific ancient yogic wisdom with rare herbs and spices, into unique, delicious blends that produce specific well-being effects.
Enjoy the benefits of artisanal yogic recipes and bring the temple home.


Organic & Quality Control

  • We use 100% certified organic ingredients
  • Organic Certification Logos
  • Quality Control Industry Standards (IFS higher level, HACCP)


New product

Shoti Maa

Three delicious teas created to support and promote inner peace. A percentage of sales will be donated to support a global peace initiatives.

Allow Love /
Rose Hibiscus

We invite you to find your inner peace and share it with the world.

People's Choice

The Buddha Box

... offers you a great opportunity to get acquainted with all the Hari Tea flavors and various traditional mixtures of organic herbs and spices.

... additionally,
the Hari Tea Buddha Box is a great gift idea for the true tea lover!