Within & Without – 25 individually sealed tea bags


Jasmine Tea & Ginger


How many eyes do we have, anyway?
There are many different names for the way we receive information from someplace other than the five senses.
The sixth sense, intuition, clairvoyance, the third eye – you have experienced it at one time or another, within and without. Delicious feeling.. delicious taste with green jasmine tea and ginger.

Take your favorite Hari Tea with you!
With the travel pack of 25 individually sealed teabags, you can have a perfect cup of tea on the go.
Convenient. Favorable. Delicious.

25 Tea Bags – 50 g / 3  minutes  –  80°C


Herb and Spice Infusion, with jasmine green tea & ginger.

Jasmine green tea* (42%), ginger* (21%), lemon grass*, turmeric root*, peppermint*, black pepper*, lemon peel*, rose petals*. * = ORGANIC

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