In Harmony – 25 individually sealed tea bags


Golden Chai

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What are you made of? In the most elementary sense: earth, water, fire, air, and ether. You probably don’t think much about them, but if they get out of balance, you feel it. How do you feel? Why it’s elementary, my dear. Enjoy life in balance with black tea and just the right exotic blend of chai spices.

Take your favorite Hari Tea with you!
With the travel pack of 25 individually sealed teabags, you can have a perfect cup of tea on the go.
Convenient. Favorable. Delicious.

10 Tea Bags – 20 g / 5-6 minutes – 100°C


Herb and spice infusion with black tea.

Black tea* (30%), honeybush*, cinnamon*, ginger*, cardamom*, black pepper*, orange peel*, cloves*, turmeric root*, rose petals*. * = organic and dried

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