Fire Element

The third tattva – the fire element is the source of pure energy and transformation. The Fire element being is the main energy source in the body that provides us with nourishment and growth in our body as well as within ourselves. It gives us the will and empowerment to push through all blocks that stand in our way.


With the right balance of fire, we are propelled forward through life with a powerful wave of energy. But just like fire in the natural world, when the fire is not controlled and grows too much, we will have too much anger and damage ourselves and what is around us. At the same time, when too little fire is present, we can feel depressed, cold, stuck, guilty, or doubtful.


The sense associated with the fire element is sight. Fire illumines our way forward and even though the fire is subtle its effects are still very observable.


Food is our source of energy. Thus we must maintain healthy digestion and eat right to keep our fire element in order. Foods that bring fire into your system are hot, spicy, sour, and salty foods. On the flip side, foods which decrease your internal fire are cold and heavy. Thus when our digestion is sluggish and weak we should be eating lighter and spicier foods until our digestion balances out. However, when we are too fiery eating cold and heavy foods will help calm the flames. Eating these foods in the right proportion according to your nature is essential to keeping your fire warm yet controlled.

Shoti Maa Tee

Our Purity flame tea will rekindle the flame inside you with its fiery combination of Choco, mint, chili, and its lovely auburn color.


The fire tattva is in synergy with the third chakra. When our fire tattva is out of balance the third chakra cannot flow. It is the base and starting point of the kundalini energy in our body. If it is not flowing, the rest of the chakras will not get the energy they need to function at full capacity.

Find balance

A simple good way to balance the fire element is to make sure you get enough sunlight. This may be difficult in some countries, which means you got to absorb it all in the times you can. Another great way is to get some exercise by making yourself go through exercising you release energy laying dormant and thus revitalize the essence of the fire tattva.