We have chosen an exercise from Kundalini Yoga that helps build your intuition and your 7th chakra to balance the third eye.


Sit in a comfortable sitting position like easy pose. Your hand position (Mudra): Put your hands together in the prayer position. Hold out your Jupiter fingers (index finger) while the other fingers interlock to fold the two hands together. Cross your fingers against each other. Place the mudra slightly below your nose so that your eyes can look at the tips of your Jupiter fingers. The eyes are 1/10 open.

Now breathe in 4 powerful breaths in through your mouth (1 blow per second = 4 seconds of inhalation) and exhale in one powerful blow through your nose (1 second).

Time: Continue for 16 minutes.

To finish: sit straight. Breathe in, hold your breath for 20 seconds and stretch your arms with your palms up to your side. Exhale. Take a deep breath in, hold your breath for 20 seconds, stretch your arms horizontally, and stretch your spine vertically. Extend your arms in a T-shape on both sides. Now exhale. Take a deep breath in again, hold your breath for 20 seconds, and open your fingers and tense them so they’re like steel. Squeeze all your energy and bring it into your arms. Exhale and relax.