Meditations on your 6th chakra are said to have a rejuvenating effect. On the physical level, we have many reasons to do the archer pose or pose of an archer.

It helps to develop strength in the quadriceps and intestines. The legs and knees get strengthened. Excellent physical endurance and power are gained. Remarkably at the same time, there is an inner attitude of the emotions, which in its strength equals the pure physical connection of the feet to the floor. Archery posture is sometimes called hero posture and also develops the 3rd chakra, the willpower, and courage associated with it. Chivalry and fearlessness, which are inherent in this noble warrior posture, improve physical endurance and strength in feet, thighs, and arms. A simple and very effective yoga exercise that can also be practiced by beginners.


Bring your right foot forward so that your feet are 2-3 feet apart. The right toes point forward, while the left foot is 45 degrees, with the heel pointing back and the toes pointing forward. The left leg remains straight and strong, while the right knee is bent until the thigh is almost parallel to the floor (the knee must not protrude beyond the toes). Now put your lower back in an upright position, making sure that your shoulders are relaxed and not pulled up.

Place the fingers of both hands on the palms and pull the thumbs back. Raise your right arm, which extends forward parallel to the floor, over your right knee as if you were using your bow and arrow. The left arm, bent at the elbow, pulls back until the fist is on the left shoulder, then chin in, chest out. Feel a stretch across your chest. In this exercise, your eyes stare infinitely beyond your thumb.

Practice for 3 minutes on each side.