Shoti Maa

Open your potential

Organic infusions inspired by the necessities of daily living. We take a holistic approach to considering health. Traditional and not-so-traditional herbs & spices are blended to give an experience of meditative well-being. And perhaps the biggest comfort of all: Shoti Maa teas are simply delicious. Everyone loves a good cup of Tea.


According to ancient wisdom, the Chakras are known as spiritual energy centers through which the life force flows. Each of these Teas is carefully formulated to comfort your senses and enhance the nature of each corresponding Chakra. We also believe in meditating to keep them balanced.


The elements are the basis of all life. Water, Fire, Air, Earth and Ether in the right combination bring the right balance to your spiritual self. These teas may be perfect for every day.




Determine your day’s rhythm with these teas designed to suit morning, noon and night. Our master tea blenders, working with ancient yogic techniques, have given us teas that support our every day life experience. Don’t let time dictate you, take control of it.

Peace on Earth

There are many beautiful paths. Every individual has talents… potentialities… steps we can take to make a real difference. But first we must find our way to peace within. An invitation to relax and discover that joy, love and compassion can prevail. Every purchase results in a contribution to a charitable cause.

Balance your Day!

Our delicious tea blends accompany you from morning to night and please your mind and soul for a day full of harmony. Because every moment is unique – and so are you!

Why not discover for yourself what potential you can unlock with a cup of Shoti Maa?