We are a family company whose intention is to assist people to open their potential through our products. Hari Tea and Shoti Maa are a range of organic teas inspired by a yogic tradition. Each recipe has heritage and wisdom which works to create balance, (a place of silence) & a meditative space. We employ our experience and knowledge about herbs, yoga and natural foods to bring you innovative lifestyle products .

As experienced healers and meditators, we share a passion for tea and natural foods, working together as colleagues and friends. connected by our shared practice. We apply the knowledge of ayurveda (science of life), numerology (understanding serendipity), yantras (geometric designs that represent the importance of form), & meditation.This collective experience and wisdom is poured into every recipe we develop. Our teas are designed to be balanced in terms of flavour, and also to assist you to balance and create awareness of your consciousness and soul.

Social Promise

“We are dedicated to taking social responsibility seriously by creating organic products that enhance the (spiritual) well-being of our customers.
Sat Nam Rasayan Foundation, a worldwide school that teaches healing and meditation, is our partner, founding member, and inspiration.” This school (a non-profit foundation), trains thousands of people worldwide to improve their lives and positively impact their communities. Our company helps to support the Sat Nam Rasyan Foundation and with the proceeds from our “Peace on Earth Teas,” we support Cordaid charities.