This exercise helps you stretch your life nerve (sciatic meridian) and can have a positive effect on both your physical and mental state. It can also balance the mind and free it from negative thoughts.

Maha means great, Mudra means “energizing” position. There are different types of so-called mudras. For example, there are finger mudras, there are arm mudras, there are tongue mudras, there are eye mudras, there are head mudras, belly mudras, etc. In this exercise two mudras are connected, the Maha Mudra, the which you stretch out your leg and sit on your heel and the Mula Bandha, which is also a mudra. Here you touch one or both hands on the big toe of the outstretched leg. If you can’t get to your foot yet, just put your palm on your shin and apply light pressure over the palm. You will slowly stretch your muscles and always get a little bit further.


Sit on your left heel. Place the heel between the anus and the genitalia. Extend your right leg. Grab your toes with both hands. Use both thumbs to touch the tip of the big toe. Inhale deeply and calmly and hold your breath as long as you can. Firmly press your chin against your chest and your chest against your chin. Now inhale deeply – exhale and hold your breath for 8 seconds, pulling in your upper abdomen firmly and pulling your diaphragm upwards. Then inhale and exhale. Do this exercise for 3 minutes, then relax on your back for 5 minutes. Then switch sides with your legs.