Hari Tea

Bring the Temple home

Inspired by a tradition of herbal healing we bring you four categories, the same ones we seek to reach a balanced and harmonious life. Each of these teas is the perfect partner for the state of our souls. Opening a box of Hari Tea is like opening the gates of a temple. The packaging, the names, and the sophisticated blends encourage you to experience the delicious & exotic flavors of Hari Tea. Discover our premium, cotton tea bags, all expertly packaged to preserve the fragrance.


For days and hours of heightened creativity and the need to focus. These teas are perfect for periods of conscious considerations.


A deeper knowledge of yourself is the root of a spiritual life. This potential to connect is at the heart of our Spiritual recipes.


Be in awe of your potential to create, and of the world that inspires you to do so. Be open to learning from everything around you.


Allow your consciousness to support your body. Find the perfect balance for every day via these perfectly balanced loose leaf recipes.