Raffle end

YOGI LIGHT and us are happy to contribute to the creation of peace around the world and peace in each of you. The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step, and we are happy this step was yours.

We also want to announce the END OF RAFFLE. Right now we are going to make a huge cup of SHOTI MAA “Allow Love” tea and enjoy reading your answers. The winners will be announced soon. Check out our social media pages not to miss the announcement!

Allow Love

Love is beautiful and love is everywhere. It brings peace to our hearts and holds Peace on earth. But before we share the love with someone else, we have to love ourselves. Of course, you can kiss your reflection in the mirror every morning, but if you don’t listen to your thoughts and desires, can you share the love with the world?

We created a mix of hibiscus, rose petals, apple, lemongrass, and cinnamon to present you a delightful red tea with a vibrant flavor. This beverage opens your heart and mind and conveys that loving yourself is the first step in loving others.

SHOTI MAA “Allow Love” is our third step to Peace on earth. It helps you bring love into your life and release your fears. Share in comments what is self-love for you and don’t forget to participate in our Raffle!

Meditation für inneren Frieden

Neben positivem Denken ist eine Meditation aus dem Kundalini-Yoga eine großartige Möglichkeit, inneren Frieden zu finden und dein Herz zu beruhigen. Aus unserem Shoti Maa Team zeigt euch Guru Partab eine Meditation, um seinen inneren Frieden zu finden. Mache diese kurze Übung täglich und du wirst beginnen, eine klare Wahrnehmung in dir selbst und in deinen Beziehungen zu haben. Diese Meditation erzeugt ein Gefühl der Ruhe und schafft einen Ruhepunkt für das “Prana” im Herzen. Dies ist eine perfekte Meditation für Anfänger, da sie Bewusstsein in den Atem bringt.

Beginne die Meditation in im Schneidersitz (oder auf einem Stuhl sitzend) mit einem geraden Rücken und geschlossenen Augen. Lege die linke Hand auf Ihre Brust und achte darauf, dass deine Finger parallel zum Boden zeigen. Mit den Fingern der rechten Hand in “Gyan Mudra” (Zeigefinger und Daumen berühren sich) die rechte Hand mit entspanntem Ellbogen auf Gesichtshöhe bringen. Atme während der Meditation lang und tief durch die Nase ein, halte den Atem an und hebe die Brust, bis du den Atem nicht mehr halten kannst. Atme dann langsam und gleichmäßig aus und halte deinen Atem so lange wie möglich aus. Wiederhole das Atemmuster bis zum Ende der Meditation.

Dauer: 3 Minuten zu Beginn – wenn du mehrmals übst kannst du diese Übung auf bis zu 31 Minuten ausdehnen!

Allow Joy

We all become happy when we see our old friend, get a smile from someone or when tomorrow’s plans are canceled and you can spend a few extra hours in bed. We are happy at moments like this, but do we feel joy?

Happiness can be experienced from any activity, food, or company. But joy is a moral lifestyle that makes you connected to people through spiritual experiences, caring for others, and thankfulness. Joy is the style of living.

SHOTI MAA “Allow Joy” is the second step of our Peace on Earth journey. Roasted chicory is a unique plant that unites coffee lovers and those, who do not drink it due to its deep, roasted, and slightly bitter taste and the absence of the actual coffee in the actual beverage.

The mix of herbs and spices surprise and change the perception of daily routine. Maybe using a bike while your car is getting repaired is a good morning exercise instead of a trial?

Have you ever found joy in your daily routine? Share in the comments and don’t forget to participate in our Raffle.

Allow Compassion

We all have long days and sometimes the crazy pace of life can unsettle us. And it is fine because you are developing and learning with it.

However, it is very important to return to your former self, restore strength and inner peace. Get the sensation of connection with all living beings. The main component of SHOTI MAA “Allow Compassion” is green tea. People have been drinking it for a long time, appreciating it for its aroma and beneficial effects. Another element is Matcha green tea, a powder of a specially grown green tea, which gives a drink reach and complex taste. The amazing mix of herbs, spices, green tea, and matcha forms a unique flavor and a calming effect that creates a sensation of connection to all things around you. Share your way of reaching compassion in the comments and don’t forget to participate in our Raffle.

Yogi Light OM – Peace Light

For World Peace Day or the anti-war day, we at Shoti Maa want to keep your attention to a peace project that is close to our hearts. This is the Yogi Light – a light for the peace of Oliver from DESIGN BY JETZT.

It was brought to life by a tragic circumstance and makes clear how important peace is for all of us: inner peace, with our fellow human beings around us and around the world. “And what would be better than a cup of peace tea to calm down and find your inner peace?“- Oliver thought and started sending a Shoti Maa Peace on Earth tea with every Yogi Light.

Jessica from Shoti Maa followed this great idea to draw attention to World Peace Day on the 21st of September. We share not only common philosophy and convictions, but the commitment to peace projects.

What is the Yogi Light?

A beautiful and minimalist Yogi Light focuses on the most important: your inner peace. For each sold Yogi Light, one euro is donated to numerous peace projects. Moreover, the Yogi Light is environmentally friendly. It can bring joy and peace in many different ways: become a peace gift, accompany you to yoga class, meditation, tea ceremony, any festive occasion or daily routine, be a remembrance, candlelight, a birthday present or decorate weddings … You can find your own individual occasion.

Who is behind the Yogi Light?

Oliver and his team are behind VON JETZT and have been dedicated to peace, justice, and democracy for 14 years. The products of VON JETZT stand for minimalistic, meaningful and functional design, which develops sustainably and regionally in Franconia. You can receive one of 5 beautiful Yogi Light Peace Lights and our “Peace on Earth” teas from us – answer our peace question and take part in our Peace Day raffle.

Happy International Day of Peace!

We know we are not alone in our desire to bring Peace on Earth. While we at Shoti Maa still strongly feel that peace must begin within, we cannot turn a blind eye to our brothers and sisters who are suffering every day.

We feel it in our hearts and that is why we created another tea line that is dedicated to Peace on Earth. When you drink the tea you will be filled with a feeling of peace knowing that every purchase brings a contribution to the great peace initiative Cordaid.org for ‘Children Care Monat’ that supplies meals to orphan and poor children. Our other company donations go to the Sat Nam Rasayan Foundation. Which is a non-profit healing and meditation association that trains people in meditation and healing and helps them to improve their lives and positively impact their communities.

Our Peace on Earth teas are an invitation to rest, relax, and discover the natural state of our souls where joy, love, and compassion can prevail.

Peace starts within each of us, in our mind, and then expands to our surroundings and the world to becomes a little more peaceful place. Joy can enter our lives when we let go of our insecurities, enabling one to see opportunities and wonders of life. Love, self-love is the first step to loving others by letting go of your fears. You have to open up to self-love and contentment. Compassion is a feeling that comes from a state of empathy, kindness, and harmony in which one way is to serve others giving a feeling of connecting to all things and everyone around you. The Peace on Earth teas work to give you these beautiful feelings.

Let’s be in peace with ourselves and create peace in the world around us!

World Peace Day Raffle – win a Yogi Light

The International Day of Peace is celebrated annually on 21 September, which is dedicated to people who have worked hard to end conflicts and promote peace.

On this occasion, we decided to make a #raffle together with our friends Yogi light – the light of Peace by Oliver. This idea was created due to sad circumstances that only highlight the importance of peace around the world. We believe that peace always begins from ourselves and in our hearts. This is one of the main ideas of Yoga and Ayurveda. This is why, a line of Shoti Maa teas are dedicated to three beautiful states of mind: Love, Joy, and Compassion. On the occasion of International Day of Peace together with Yogi Light, we want to share our passion to create a sense of peace inside each of us and share it with the world.

We invite you to join us and participate in our raffle! The rules are pretty simple: you have to answer the following questions and share your thoughts in the comments below this post. There will be 5 lucky participants who get Shoti Maa Peace on Earth Tea Set and a Yogi Light! So tell us what does peace mean to you? How do you find it in yourself, and how can you share it with others? The terms of participation can be found on our homepage.

Here you can discover more about the Yogi Light and our cooperation partner Design von Jetzt. More about world peace and projects can be found here.

Liebe spüren

Sich selbst zu lieben, ist der erste Schritt um auch andere lieben zu können.

Unser Shoti Maa “Liebe spüren” Tee kann dir dabei helfen Liebe in dein Leben zu bringen und Ängste loszulassen. Liebe ist schön und Liebe ist überall. Es bringt Frieden in unsere Herzen und hält Frieden auf Erden. Aber bevor wir die Liebe mit jemand anderem teilen, müssen wir uns selbst lieben. Natürlich kannst du dein Spiegelbild jeden Morgen küssen, aber wenn du nicht auf deine Gedanken und Wünsche hörst, kannst du deine Liebe dann mit der Welt teilen? Wir haben eine Mischung aus Hibiskus & Rosenblättern, um dir einen herrlichen roten Tee mit einem lebendigen Geschmack zu bieten. Dieser Tee öffnet Herz und Verstand und ist ein Schritt zum Frieden auf Erden. Teile uns in den Kommentaren mit, wie du Liebe erlebst und teilst! Bis Sonntag kannst du an unserem Friedenstag Gewinnspiel teilnehmen und neben unseren “Peace on Earth” Tees ein wunderschönes Yogi Light Friedenslicht von unserem lieben Partner DESIGN VON JETZT @vonjetzt gewinnen.

Freude wecken

Es gibt immer einen Grund zur Freude! Freude ist ein Lebensgefühl.

Unser Shoti Maa “Freude wecken” Tee kann dir helfen, positiv zu denken und wunderbare Möglichkeiten zu erkennen in allem was dir begegnet. Wir alle freuen uns, wenn wir einen alten Freund sehen, ein Lächeln von jemandem bekommen oder wenn alle Pläne von morgen gestrichen werden, um ein paar zusätzliche Stunden im Bett zu verbringen. In solchen Momenten sind wir glücklich, aber empfinden wir Freude? Glück kann von jeder Aktivität, von jedem Essen oder von jeder Gesellschaft erfahren werden.

Aber Freude ist ein moralischer Lebensstil, der dich durch spirituelle Erfahrungen, Fürsorge für andere und Dankbarkeit mit Menschen verbindet. Freude ist der Lebensstil. Unser Shoti Maa “Freude Wecken” Tee ist der zweite Schritt unserer Reise zum Frieden auf Erden. Chicorée Wurzel ist eine einzigartige Pflanze, die Kaffeeliebhaber und diejenigen, die ihn nicht trinken, aufgrund seines tiefen, gerösteten und leicht bitteren Geschmacks und des Fehlens des eigentlichen Kaffees im eigentlichen Getränk vereint. Die Mischung aus Kräutern und Gewürzen überrascht und verändert die Wahrnehmung des Alltags.