Allow Joy

We all become happy when we see our old friend, get a smile from someone or when tomorrow’s plans are canceled and you can spend a few extra hours in bed. We are happy at moments like this, but do we feel joy?

Happiness can be experienced from any activity, food, or company. But joy is a moral lifestyle that makes you connected to people through spiritual experiences, caring for others, and thankfulness. Joy is the style of living.

SHOTI MAA “Allow Joy” is the second step of our Peace on Earth journey. Roasted chicory is a unique plant that unites coffee lovers and those, who do not drink it due to its deep, roasted, and slightly bitter taste and the absence of the actual coffee in the actual beverage.

The mix of herbs and spices surprise and change the perception of daily routine. Maybe using a bike while your car is getting repaired is a good morning exercise instead of a trial?

Have you ever found joy in your daily routine? Share in the comments and don’t forget to participate in our Raffle.