Meditation to relieve Anxiety and Stress


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The One-Minute Breath

It’s simple, yet can be very challenging and profound. Practicing this breath regularly will calm your fears and worries and open you up to experience your spiritual nature. It’s also a great meditation to choose if you would like to increase your lung capacity. If you are new to doing Kundalini Meditations on your own, make sure to read how to do a home practice before you begin.


Sit with a straight spine and the hands in Gyan Mudra (index finger and thumb tip touching).


Eyes are closed, pressed gently up, focusing at the brow point.


Slowly and steadily inhale for 20 seconds, hold your breath for 20 seconds and then exhale for 20 seconds. This may take days, weeks, or months to perfect. Start as slow as you can manage at this time, but keep each segment equal in length. You might begin with inhaling for 5-8 seconds, hold 5-5 8 seconds, and exhale for 5-8 seconds.


Continue for 11 minutes. the text