Meditation for Mindful Breath

1. Posture: Sit in a comfortable meditative position (e.g., cross-legged) with your spine straight.

2. Mudra (hand position): Bend your elbows so that your right hand rests on your heart and the left on your navel.

3. Breathing: Now breathe in deeply through your nose and calmly exhale again through your nose. Feel the flow of your breath and start meditating with the flow. One full, long, deep breath took three areas of the body: It spreads into the lower lungs first. The air flowing in pushes the abdominal organs down through the diaphragm in the direction of the pelvis and the abdomen gently expands. Next comes the chest area so that the ribs expand outward and the shoulder blades spread apart. Eventually, the upper lungs fill up and the collarbones rise.

4. Time: Take 3 minutes to be mindful of your breathing. Then enjoy a cup of Lifespring tea and wake up your spirits!

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