Meditation Exalted prayer

1. Posture: Sit in a comfortable meditative position (e.g. cross-legged) with your spine straight.

2. Mudra (hand position): Bring your palms together and cross your right thumb over the left. Keep both palms of your hands pressed together throughout the meditation.
Extend your arms up and keep the full length of both arms straight and in contact with your ears during meditation. Your eyes are almost closed, about 1/10 open.

During this meditation, chant a mantra (from Sanskrit and means saying or song) of your choice.

3. Breathing: Breathe very deliberately slowly and deeply while chanting the mantra. End the meditation by taking a deep breath, holding your breath briefly, and then exhaling.

4. Time: Take 11 minutes to be mindful of your breath, voice and body and to relax.

Then enjoy a cup of Lebensfroh tea and immerse yourself in this moment full of joie de vivre!

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