Breathing exercise for more energy

1. Posture: Sit in a meditative position (e.g. cross-legged) with your spine straight. Bring your chin slightly towards your chest and lift your rib cage.

2. Mudra (hand position): The hands rest on the knees.

3. Breath: Close your eyes and breathe in and out through your nose with concentration. Now divide your breath into eight equal trains. Then exhale through your nose in a deep and powerful gulp. Inhale deeply and hold your breath for 3-5 seconds. Exhale. Then take a deep breath, hold your breath for 10 seconds, and circle your shoulders.
To finish: Breathe out forcefully. Take a deep breath and this time circle your shoulders as fast as you can. Exhale and relax.
Dividing your breath into eight parts will help you connect with your breath.

4. Time: Take 11 minutes to recharge your batteries and release tension.

Afterward, enjoy a cup of Rise tea to collect yourself and feel confident and clear.

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