The second element is the water element (or the Apas tattva). The water element is cool, smooth, flowing, and soft. Due to its soothing effect, it becomes our protector.


Balanced water element will soothe all your pain and inflammation in your body as well as protect you from the heat of the fire element, rough motions of air, disintegrating effect of ether, and keeps you flowing from the stagnant nature of earth element. Most importantly, the water tattva takes the form of our most pure and basic nourishment. However, it must be moderated as well. Otherwise, you will drown in it if it is too much, and dry up when it is too little. When the water tattva is out of balance, you can feel emotional, obstructed, too warm, lacking in self-esteem, transparent, vulnerable, stuck, or hard at heart.


The sense associated with the water tattva is taste. Thus, it is not too hard to see that to take care of the element of water in your body you must begin with your stomach.


Maintaining a proper balance of water is essential and can be regulated by what we eat and drink. Food that is supposed to bring the water in your body is cooked grains, oils, nuts, and non-fermented dairy. If you feel a lack of water in your body, you should be eating more of this food. If you feel too much water – eat less of these foods. Thus with proper regulation of drinking enough water and eating the right amount of these kinds of foods, we can have a balance of our water element in our body.

Shoti Maa Tee

Our Emotional Clarity tea will kick start your digestive system with its mint and hibiscus as well as bring your emotion to a calm and flowing state, the excellent blend of flavors alone will bring a balance to the water in your body.


The water element like all the elements is in synergy with a chakra. The chakra associated with the water tattva is the second chakra. The second chakra is our center of creativity and sensuality as well as the basis of our individuality and unconscious personality.

Find balance

When the water tattva is out of balance, the energetic center of the second chakra will have a hard time flowing. To encapsulate the water tattva try to use the ‘let it be’ attitude for life and simply go with the flow with the whirlwinds of life and stop tugging away with your worries and negative emotions. There are many ways that you can balance the water tattva. An obvious, but very important point is just drinking lots of water. Even if you think you drink enough, drink more because it is never enough. Another way to balance the water tattva is to go swimming in some nice flowing water or to do anything creative (art, cooking, dancing, etc.).