To activate and balance your root chakra, we have selected a fundamental exercise from Kundalini Yoga for you. The one-minute breath is a great technique to keep calm in our fast-changing times. With this exercise, you can optimize the cooperation between both sides of your brain and calm emotions such as fear, and worry. The practice can help you to deal with emotions with openness and to feel the presence of the mind.


Make yourself very comfortable at first. Sit in a meditative posture, e.g. Cross-legged or lotus position. Wear a scarf that you can effortlessly remove if it gets too warm. Be very quiet during this exercise.
When you’re ready, take 3 minutes to prepare for the exercise and relax and deepen your breath (or try 3 minutes of Breath of Fire).
Breathe in slowly and evenly after 20 seconds, filling your lower abdomen, your abdominal area. Hold your breath as soon as you have filled your upper chest with air.
Hold the air in for 20 seconds. Then exhale slowly, gently, and evenly for 20 seconds.
At the end of the 20 seconds, start it over.

If you have never done this exercise, it will not work at the beginning. Permit yourself to work on it, it’s very difficult at first. Start with 10 seconds of inhalation, hold for 10 seconds, and then exhale for 10 seconds (or if necessary, only for 5 seconds). Take a day or two and then increase to 15, 15, 15, and then to 20, 20, 20.

If you get dizzy with this exercise, please pause immediately.