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How often does it happen that you feel a bit nervous the morning you have an important presentation or meeting at work even if it done perfectly? 

Despite being ready, your mind may start playing with you creating unpredictable situations, but is there anything we can do about it? 

It is quite common to feel this way and happens to everyone: our parents, historical figures such as Gandhi and Winston Churchill, and your favorite artist. Hesitating and being scared is a part of a human being, but how can we tune in a positive way? 

Communication is said to come from three specific energetic centers – your chakras in your body which are the third, fourth and fifth. When these chakras are in balance, this can enable you to communicate very effectively in any situation. This is especially true when you hold a public speech. You might not notice that your chakras are imbalanced until you appear in the situation you need them the most. Do you feel that your voice does not have enough power and weight behind to be respected? Pay attention to your 3rd chakra. 

As with any other chakras, it can be balanced through meditations, which we will present soon, but try to start with our “Sanctify” Shoti Maa tea. Do you feel that you are not relatable enough or passionate enough during the speech, then our “Loving” tea aimed at balancing the 4th chakra could be for you. If you feel you can’t speak clearly because of your closed throat, “Talk to me” is definitely for you! 

The 6th chakra is your intuition which is a very powerful tool, a good analogy for it being a headlight into the unknown, something that illumines your way forward. Having this knowledge you can step back and center this chakra when you feel it’s needed. When some sophistication and intuition development is needed, try one of the Kundalini Yoga meditations, that easily can guide you on how to center the 6th charka.

The 7th chakra is your connection to the infinite, which is another valuable tool we, humans, can trap into. While this connection is always present, the 7th chakra helps to recognize your contact with eternity in every situation. When you feel that you start paying attention to the past or the future more than to the moment you are right now and you are losing the connection with your own body, it means your 7th charka needs to be balanced. As well as with other chakras, we suggest you meditate.

For both 6th and 7th energy centers, we need a clear vision, and we have a great tea for that. Shoti Maa “Delightful” is a blend of ginger, lemon, and Curcuma that helps to bring mental clarity and inner peace back with its lovely classic flavor. “

Are you curious which chakra needs balancing for you? Follow the link to take our Charka Quiz now!