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It is natural for us to search for some creativity and passion to complete the tasks faster and easier.

And to stay above water every day, let’s keep and care about our inner energy. Our chakras have a direct link to our wellbeing. When you are missing the presence of similar feelings often, it may signal the imbalance in the “lower triangle”, which consists of the first three chakras. These chakras are related to your earthlier needs, desires, and feelings and act as a base of your whole being. Getting in these low moments is normal for anyone but it is important to get out of them quickly. When this is the case, balance in one of those three chakras could be what you need.

Do you feel unsteady or insecure? The “I Am” tea for the first chakra could be for you since the first chakra deals with security and foundation. The “In the mood” tea, however, works with the second chakra and can be helpful to overcome your creative inactivity all over the place. If the third chakra is not balanced enough, the inner fire can be missing, which could manifest with a lack of willpower or ambition. By balancing the 3rd chakra with our “Sanctify“, you can enhance your inner strength.

Balanced chakras are important for each of us, so let’s start balancing them today?