Place and function of the chakra

The 6th chakra, also known as the forehead chakra, the 3rd eye, or Ajna chakra lies between your eyebrows slightly above the root of the nose. The 3rd eye symbolizes your intuition and your 7th sense. The unconscious, intuitive whispers very quietly and persistently in you over and over again. And it is fine if you don’t even notice the soft voice that comes up between your thoughts now and then. Your intuition guides you meekly and creates visions. The forehead chakra is your connection between ratio and intuition.

The 6th chakra is physically associated with the eyes, forehead, nose, sinuses, and nervous system. At the age between 36 and 42, you experience the energy of the forehead chakra for the first time: pure knowledge of being, its conscious perception, and release from mental captivity are the main points of the 6th chakra. It is your personal gateway to the deeper truth.


The forehead chakra can be harmonized with 3 colors: indigo blue promotes intuition; dark violet stimulates clairvoyance, and yellow expands intellectual thinking. However, indigo blue is seen as a traditional chakra color: it calms, clears your mind, and gives you relaxed, spiritual depth.


A well-cared forehead chakra reveals your 7th sense and psychic perceptions. It brings an alert mind and clear, structured thoughts. You recognize your experience and follow your destiny with spiritual knowledge. Communication with your soul activates the higher mind and gives wisdom.

Shoti Maa Tee

To balance the forehead chakra, our little mother Shoti Maa combined the power of ginger and turmeric with the freshness of the lemon and created our “Vision” tea. On the tea box, you will find the Hindu goddess Saraswati, a goddess of wisdom and scholarship. When your thoughts are free, you can move mountains. What is your vision? Vigorous ginger fuels the mind, and the freshness of the lemon awakens the senses. Open your eyes because the future is emerging right now.