Place and function of the chakra

The 5th chakra, the neck or throat chakra is considered to be the mediator from inside and outside; between heart and mind. It is located in the middle of the cervical cavity and larynx, symbolizing the center of communication. Listen to yourself and hear your inner voice. Do not suppress anything, let everything flow freely; then you speak the truth and you are truthful. The throat chakra gives you the strength to distinguish yourself and to say “no” with a clear conscience. An appreciative and non-violent language is the supreme discipline of the throat chakra. The 5th chakra is organically connected to the neck, throat, jaw, ears, speech organs, trachea, and esophagus as well as to the shoulders and neck. The period of life between the ages of 29 and 35 embodies the classic throat chakra energy: independence, freedom, individuality, creative self-expression, and self-reflection are the focus. It’s about the space and breadth of yourself.


Your throat chakra is activated by turquoise and light blue. These shades of blue have a clarifying and cooling effect, delimit, promote the intellectual breadth, and honest, sincere communication.


If your throat chakra vibrates harmoniously, you stand by yourself and your opinion. You can easily express all values, norms, opinions, and goals, manifested in the 3rd chakra, or the navel chakra, open in your 5th chakra. You are a communication talent; everything that is important to you goes effortlessly over your lips and your expression is clear and purposeful. You formulate your needs with a firm voice, lovingly and authentically.

Shoti Maa Tee

To bring your throat chakra into balance, Shoti Maa created our Ayurvedic “Talk to Me” tea with lavender, licorice, and mint.
On our tea box, the Hindu god Krishna, who is connected to the breath, looks at you. This deity is usually represented with a flute: the flute symbolizes the person who is “brought to life” only by the breath of God.
Inhale, and then exhale, speak, sing, laugh! Isn’t it magical how creative we can express our thoughts and feelings with words and sounds? Finely grated licorice, light mint leaves, and bright lavender flowers spoil you and let your soul speak.