Place and function of the chakra

Your navel chakra is located around 2 cm above your navel point. This is the middle of your body; the place where your strength, the source of your willpower,  is at home. Here, in your navel point, your personality and self-control are expressed. The 3rd chakra is all about your personal “power” and self-acceptance. How fitting that you live in the umbilical chakra energy for the first time at the age of 15 to 21: you start to define yourself, and follow your path. The energy of the 3rd chakra is powerful, like fire, which also happens to be the element of this chakra. Furthermore, the color which is associated with the third chakra is yellow. It reflects the light and warmth of the naval power. Clear, sunny yellow activates and strengthens the function of your 3rd chakra. On the other hand, bright yellow stimulates your activity, thinking, and actions,  providing you the inner peace. In addition to the navel chakra, the third chakra is often referred to as the solar plexus or Manipura chakra. All digestive organs such as the stomach, bile, liver, spleen, pancreas and the autonomic nervous system are physically assigned to this chakra. 


When you are centered, and your navel chakra is well supplied with energy, you feel full of life and a high drive. Making it is easy for you to make decisions and have your goals firmly in view and easily achieve them. You take responsibility for yourself and your actions. A balance in your navel chakra also gives you a natural self-confidence and self-respect. The best illustration of a strong navel chakra energy is optimism and inner harmony.

Shoti Maa Tee

Our “little mother” Shoti Maa created the tea “Sanctify” with ginger, fennel & cinnamon to balance your navel chakra. The Hindu god Shiva looks at you from the tea box. Shiva is also considered the god of discipline, who remains immersed in deep meditation in his mountain Kailash. A strong connection to your center will help you in times of hardship to keep your bearings. Spicy ginger, spicy cinnamon, and mild fennel are woven into a gently vibrating blend in this tea. Follow the taste to find your strength!