Place and function of the chakra

The root chakra is between the anus & sexual organs; on your perineum.
It is the foundation from which you build. It represents a basic trust in the flow of life and yourself, it embodies your will to live. The first chakra is your root or your base, from this you create security internally and in your surroundings. If you trust in it, the earth will take care of you. At the beginning of your being, from the time of birth, in the phase of life between 0 and 7 years old, you are living in the energy of the root chakra. The root chakra is also called the 1st chakra, base, or Muladhara chakra, and has a grounding effect that helps bring you into the here and now. It is firmly rooted in Mother Earth and gives you courage, strength, basic trust, and warmth. The firm will live and survive: for yourself as an individual and for your personality. Everything physically firm, such as teeth, bones, nails, feet, legs, the spine, and the large intestine, are associated with the root chakra.


The color red is assigned to the first chakra. Strong, warm red stimulates your root chakra. Red conveys courage, strength, and trust. At the same time, it invigorates and warms your whole being. It is the color of strength and vitality.


When the root chakra energy flows freely, it gives you a feeling of security. Like the lucky happy Buddha, you brave the trials and tribulations which you face and hold yourself with the deep conviction that you are strong and protected. The 1st chakra also symbolizes the seat of the subconscious: your strength, your Kundalini energy, sits here! This is exactly where we want to start with the Shoti Maa Chakra campaign and gently connect you with your other chakras.

Shoti Maa Tee

Our Shoti Maa “I am” tea is created for the root chakra and gives you strong roots that are needed when the storms of life rage around you. The representative is the Hindu god Ganesha, whose picture on the box gives a feeling of warmth through his friendly energy. Our Ayurvedic tea blend with sage, ginger, and elderberry supports you with its strength and warmth and encourages you to take your place in the world.