For World Peace Day or the anti-war day, we at Shoti Maa want to keep your attention to a peace project that is close to our hearts. This is the Yogi Light – a light for the peace of Oliver from DESIGN BY JETZT.

It was brought to life by a tragic circumstance and makes clear how important peace is for all of us: inner peace, with our fellow human beings around us and around the world. “And what would be better than a cup of peace tea to calm down and find your inner peace?“- Oliver thought and started sending a Shoti Maa Peace on Earth tea with every Yogi Light.

Jessica from Shoti Maa followed this great idea to draw attention to World Peace Day on the 21st of September. We share not only common philosophy and convictions, but the commitment to peace projects.

What is the Yogi Light?

A beautiful and minimalist Yogi Light focuses on the most important: your inner peace. For each sold Yogi Light, one euro is donated to numerous peace projects. Moreover, the Yogi Light is environmentally friendly. It can bring joy and peace in many different ways: become a peace gift, accompany you to yoga class, meditation, tea ceremony, any festive occasion or daily routine, be a remembrance, candlelight, a birthday present or decorate weddings … You can find your own individual occasion.

Who is behind the Yogi Light?

Oliver and his team are behind VON JETZT and have been dedicated to peace, justice, and democracy for 14 years. The products of VON JETZT stand for minimalistic, meaningful and functional design, which develops sustainably and regionally in Franconia. You can receive one of 5 beautiful Yogi Light Peace Lights and our “Peace on Earth” teas from us – answer our peace question and take part in our Peace Day raffle.