We know we are not alone in our desire to bring Peace on Earth. While we at Shoti Maa still strongly feel that peace must begin within, we cannot turn a blind eye to our brothers and sisters who are suffering every day.

We feel it in our hearts and that is why we created another tea line that is dedicated to Peace on Earth. When you drink the tea you will be filled with a feeling of peace knowing that every purchase brings a contribution to the great peace initiative Cordaid.org for ‘Children Care Monat’ that supplies meals to orphan and poor children. Our other company donations go to the Sat Nam Rasayan Foundation. Which is a non-profit healing and meditation association that trains people in meditation and healing and helps them to improve their lives and positively impact their communities.

Our Peace on Earth teas are an invitation to rest, relax, and discover the natural state of our souls where joy, love, and compassion can prevail.

Peace starts within each of us, in our mind, and then expands to our surroundings and the world to becomes a little more peaceful place. Joy can enter our lives when we let go of our insecurities, enabling one to see opportunities and wonders of life. Love, self-love is the first step to loving others by letting go of your fears. You have to open up to self-love and contentment. Compassion is a feeling that comes from a state of empathy, kindness, and harmony in which one way is to serve others giving a feeling of connecting to all things and everyone around you. The Peace on Earth teas work to give you these beautiful feelings.

Let’s be in peace with ourselves and create peace in the world around us!