Feel harmony and well-being, be in harmony with you!

That is the credo of the Chakra-Boutique Chakmonie® by Maren Klessen and its design accessories. These not only radiate a good mood but also give balance and mindfulness and combine the millennia-old knowledge of Indian chakra teaching in connection with powerful mandalas from sacred geometry and the energetic vibration of colors.

Every chakra accessory is lovingly handcrafted in Germany with high-quality and sustainable raw materials. Maren Klessen is behind the designs: “In 2015 I realized my dream of life and designed my Chakmonie® products with great dedication. I am Kundalini-Yogini and deepen my passion for knowledge about the chakras in my training as a chakra-yoga & meditation expert. I share my knowledge & my love for the chakras with you in every detail of my designs – to help you find your inner balance. Bring your chakras in harmony with Chakmonie® – energize your life!


The right cup and the right tea for every chakra!

Our cooperation partner Maren Klessen produces beautiful hand-made porcelain cups in chakra design with an inspiring affirmation for a happy start to the day! The right impulse for each of your chakras: energizing and colorful mandalas, as well as the affirmations, are lovingly handcrafted on the cups. The Chakmonie® @chakmonie Chakra cups will be sent to you with the appropriate Shoti Maa Chakra tea! You have the choice between seven radiant-glowing mandalas – intuitively choose from your stomach which of your seven chakras can use an energy kick!

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