We are Hari Tea & Shoti Maa

Since 2008, our family business has used a unique knowledge of plants, yoga and natural foods to create innovative products that help people develop their potential.

The methods and recipes we use creating Ayurvedic infusions are based on the ancient mastery gained by yogis living a natural existence with integrated bodies, minds and interconnected spirits.

We put all our knowledge, experience and blessings in two brands of organic infusion: Hari Tea and Shoti Maa.

Artisan blends of organic herbs and spices, nestled in pure cotton tea bags where the loose tea mixtures can relax completely and release their full flavours.

Powerful herbs, spices and flowers are bend into robust and invigorating infusions that nourish the soul and promote inspiration.

Some of our finest teas



Ether Element

The last element of the five elements is ether. This element is the most subtle of all the elements and can be hard to grasp.

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Fire Element

The third tattva – the fire element is the source of pure energy and transformation. The Fire element being is the main energy source in

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Water Element

The second element is the water element (or the Apas tattva). The water element is cool, smooth, flowing, and soft. Due to its soothing effect,

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