Buddha Box


One with everything



Sample all 11 transcendent varieties of Hari Tea

We know that the Buddha taught becoming one with everything. But where to start? Here is a sampler and gift Box with all 11 fine kinds of Hari Tea mixtures of organic herbs and spices in pure cotton tea bags. This is the perfect collection to explore and experience.

11 Tea Bags – 22 g / 5-6 minutes – 100°C


11 Flavors of Herbal and Spice Teas

Lemon grass*, linden flowers*, ginger*, Sencha green tea *, peppermint*, cocoa shells*, jasmine green tea*, rooibos*, cinnamon*, hibiscus*, black tea*, fennel*, honeybush*, rose hips*, anise*, chamomile*, apple*, black pepper*. cardamom*, turmeric root*, spearmint*, rosemary*, thyme*, green rooibush*, sage*, blackberry leaf*, rose petals*, coriander*, beetroot*, basil*, roasted chicory*, natural flavour, lemon myrtle*, orange peel*, cloves*, coconut*. cornflower*, lemon juice*, juniper berry*, lemon peel*, lavender flowers*, elderflower*, ginseng*, star anise*, bay leaf*, white pepper*, vanilla*, chilli pepper*.