Meditation Breath of Fire To balance your navel chakra, we have chosen a very easy exercise, the Breath of Fire, which can easily be practiced by beginners. The resulting vibration from this breath massages and stimulates all organs in your abdomen. If you practice the Breath of Fire regularly, it can even aid digestion. Beware not to practice it immediately after a meal. To blow off steam: have you ever been annoyed or upset about something? This exercise can help with that. Imagine with each exhalation how you let go of anger and annoyance, and clear your mind of negative feelings and thoughts.


Sit in lotus pose or cross-legged. After a deep breath in through the nose, the air is exhaled firmly through the nose. Briefly pull in your stomach as you exhale. If you have never practiced Fire Breath, start with 10 breaths. If you are already trained, try 20 or more breaths. You may feel dizzy at first: please pause and breathe in your normal rhythm, and then try the exercise again. Breath of Fire is not suitable for high blood pressure, pregnant or people with abdominal pain. In these cases please consult your doctor before doing this exercise.