Meditation to balance all chakras

We chose this meditation from Kundalini Yoga to help you get started with balancing your chakras. This subsequent meditation increases intuition and is for the eighth and also the seventh chakra. 

Your aura is also called the eighth chakra and represents your radiation, the electromagnetic field, the protection and combined the effects of all other chakras. The seventh chakra represents humility and vastness, the tenth gate, the seat of the soul, the connection to the highest self, or the exaltation.


Sit in a simple sitting position (cross-legged) with a straight spine. Bring the tips of your thumb and forefinger together (Gyan Mudra). With your eyes half-closed, keep your eyes on the tip of your nose. Sing the mantra “Ang Sang Wahe Guru” monotonously or in a melody that you find or know yourself for 31 minutes. You can start with 3 minutes, just set a timer and then gradually expand the exercise. Finally, take a deep breath in and hold your breath as long as you can without any problems. Then exhale and repeat this breathing cycle two more times.

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