Yoga to Balance Your Water Element

There are many ways you can balance your water balance. An obvious but very important point is just to drink a lot of water. Even if you think you are already drinking enough water, drink more! Also, creativity like art, cooking, dancing is another way to balance your water tattva.

There is a simple activity that will can be acomplished even by a yogi newbie. This exercise will get your spinal fluid moving, keeping you in the flow. When the water attiva flows, you will truly enjoy life and share it with the world. In the photo you can see our youngest team member, Guru Partap, the son of our founder Guru Jagat. In addition to his studies, he helps us, non-yogis from marketing and sales, to learn the basics and begin a fascinating journey of yoga.

How to Start?

Get on all fours. Place your palms strictly under your shoulder joints, knees – under the hip joints, or together.  Your feet should be pointed back, that is, the ankle on the floor.  While inhaling, bend your back down to the floor and stretch your crown up. Then put your head back. Do not “wring” your neck, but stretch it up and back. While exhaling, tilt your head to your chest and bend your back up to form a “hump”. Hands should always remain upright, straight and push against the floor.

You have to repeat this exercise for at least 3 minutes.

Find The Balance

Try our Emotional Detox Tea with Sweet Hibiscus and Mint. The delicious infusion does not only taste good, but also balance the Water element in you. 

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Do you need some  tips how to balance your Water Element? Check out the full element description here.