Kundalini Yoga Exercise – Fire Element

It is the Fire Element or “Fire Tattva” that drives us through life with power and energy and allows us to rise to great heights. “Tattva” in Saskrit encompasses many meanings, such as Essence, the true nature; or basic principle. It is important to light the fire element in us. We present to you the exercise that can balance your Fire element and expand your inner light.

How to Start?

To begin with, breath normally and lie down on the ground. Then raise your head and feet for about 15 centimetres. Your hands should be parallel to the floor, palms down. When you reach the required posture, start breath like you are trying to light a fire: inhale and exhale through the nose quickly and steadily. Your exhale should be deep, you should feel how your belly is moving down, and going back when you inhale. This may be a bit difficult in the beginning, don’t overwork yourself, just pause to relax.

As this technique requires some practice, you can start with a one-minute exercise and then expand it for a longer interval.

Find The Balance

Another amazing way to balance your fire is to try our Purity flame tea! It will rekindle the flame inside you with its fiery combination Choco, mint, chili and its lovely auburn color.


Do you need some  tips how to balance your Fire Element? Check out the full element description here.