Yoga to Balance Your Ether Element

To balance your Ether element, you can practice any meditation that supports you in the awareness of emptiness or silence. You can do this well with the yogic healing technique “Sat Nam Rasayan”. Also the “chanting”, from English “to chant” = singing, rhythmically calling, and everything that is good for your fifth chakra, the energy center in the throat, also affects the etheric element or “ether-tattva”. “Tattva” in Saskrit encompasses many meanings, such as Essence, the true nature; or basic principle. With balanced Ether, you will always perceive your connection to the infinite and live the happiest life that you can have.

For the Ether element, we chose a sitting-meditation to reflect on the inner silence and space in us. This exercise can also be practiced by newcomers to yoga – like our team member Luigi, our graphic designer. He has been in the Shoti Maa team since the beginning of the year. Together, the “non-yogis” from sales and graphic design, led by company founder Guru Jagat, start our day with a meditation at our cozy office. Every day we learn something new about yoga and are ready to share our knowledge with you! Tell us how do you start your daily routine?

How to Start?

Firstly, sit down with a straight back. Bend your knees so that the left foot is under the right knee, and the right foot is respectively under the left knee. Relax your knees. Do not forget to keep your back straight and try to “reach” the ceiling with your head. Open your chest and relax your shoulders. Put your hands on your knees, palms up or down. Breathe slowly and calmly. You have to reach the feeling of nothing – get rid of the thoughts that bother you. Don’t worry if you are interrupted by your own ideas and thinking. It all comes with practice.

Stay in comfortable time for you, do not forget to shift your legs.

Find The Balance

Another way to bring ether into your body is our Joyful Silence tea. From this heartwarming blend of apple, lemongrass, and hibiscus, you will get into the space of being in the moment and to enjoy your inner silence.

Do you need some  tips how to balance your Ether Element? Check out the full element description here.