Yoga to Balance Your Earth Element

There are many ways to get your Earth Element or “Earth Tattva” moving. A simple way is to connect to the earth through conscious walking and breathing. Go from time to time barefoot through nature – just take off your shoes in a meadow and go, without worrying about earthly problems that hold us. Feel your breath and your emotions flowing through your whole body. Go and breathe consciously, and now exhale every complaint and sorrow over your feet into the earth. Another way to get the energy of Earth Tattva moving is, for example, massage.

We also have a nice and refreshing exercise you definitely would love to try!

How to Start?

You have to begin with the standing position. Put your feet shoulder-width apart. The back should be straight, the face directed forward. Start to squat, keeping your back straight and without lifting your heels off the floor. If it is difficult to perform the asana and maintain the position of the foot, you can put something under your heels. While squatting, spread your knees apart. In the final position, the back should be perpendicular to the floor. Slightly pull the chin to the chest, forming a neck lock. You have to make long and deep breaths.

Start this balancing training with 1-3 minutes during the day.

Find The Balance

Try our Touch the Ground Tea with Honeybush, Aniseed and Sage. It combines a beautiful blend of mild warming spices which creates a mouth-wateringly pungent flavor and an aroma that will reverberate through your whole Earth element.

Do you need some  tips how to balance your Earth Element? Check out the full element description here.