Yoga to Balance Your Air Element

An important way to maintain a healthy balance of your inner Air element is controlling your breathing – inhale the fresh air and then exhale deliberately. Mindful breathing in yoga (and in general) gives you control over your energy and your thoughts. There are plenty of breathing techniques and yoga exercises.

We suggest you to start balancing the Air Element with a simple, yet effective exercise, which is easy-to-do even for the beginners. It will cool down and unclutter your body and mind. Follow the instructions, and you will feel ease and energy that will follow you in everything you do.

To make it easier to follow the instructions, meet Guru Partap. He is the son of our founder Guru Jagat and now, at the age of 19, has started to actively help us with our Balance Your Elements action with his yoga knowledge and meditation photos.

How to Start?

Sit in a comfortable meditative posture, and close your eyes. Keep your hands on your knees and connect thumbs and forefingers.  Pull your tongue out of your mouth at a convenient distance for you. Bend up its side sections to form a tube.

Then inhale slowly and deeply through the rolled-up tongue.

At the end of your exercise, close your mouth and exhale through your nose.  

You can start this exercise from 3 minutes, which can be prolonged later.

Find The Balance

If you wonder how to balance Air in another pleasant way, try our Life on Wings tea! You will feel the carefree flow of life from the lovely deep flavor of the fennel and cardamom and a little kick of orange, which will bring you to motion. Try this wonderful tea when you wish to get something done harmoniously.

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