Iced Tea Recipe with Sage, Ginger & Elderflower

What is the best way to deliciously and healthy diversify your summer day? The best way to deliciously and healthy enliven your summer day? Of course, make one of the iced teas with your favorite Shoti Maa Tea. Our team shared their favorite recipes for our Open Your Potential Blog.

Here is a refreshing recipe for coping with the summer heat! All you need is:

• 250ml boiled water

• 1 teabag of Shoti Maa “I am”

• 100ml apple-mango juice

• mango slices

• fresh mint or melissa leaves

1. Boil the water and make a tea. Let it steep for 6 minutes.

2. When the drink is getting colder, add apple-mango juice and mango slices.

3. Stir the drink and leave in the refrigerator to give a cooling effect.

4. When the drink is ready, add some ice and place mint or melissa leave on top. It will fill your drink with an additional pleasant aroma.

You do not want to dilute the resulting drink with water? Freeze tea and use it instead of ice. It is also possible to add mint or melissa when making ice, this will add a distinctive flavor to your drink.