Iced Tea Recipe with Lime, Chamomile and Rosehip

What is the best way to deliciously and healthy diversify your summer day? The best way to deliciously and healthy enliven your summer day? Of course, make one of the iced teas with your favorite Shoti Maa Tea. Our team shared their favorite recipes for our Open Your Potential Blog.

For this refreshing drink we need:

• 250ml boiling water

• 1 teabag of Shoti Maa “Move on”

• 50ml currant juice

• 50ml apple juice

• 2 teaspoons of fresh raspberry leaves or 1 teaspoon of dried leaves

• apple slices

• cold water and/or ice

1. Put a Shoti Maa “Move on” tea bag into boiled water and leave it for 6 minutes.

2. Meanwhile, add the raspberry leaves.

3. When the drink is cooled, add juices and apple slices. If you prefer to have your drink cooler, add some ice cubes or cold water in it. Tip from Shoti Maa Team: make the ice cubes from any you like. It will give the desired cold to your beverage, but it will not be diluted with water and maintain its taste.