Iced Tea Recipe with Honeybush, Aniseed & Sage

What is the best way to deliciously and healthy diversify your summer day? The best way to deliciously and healthy enliven your summer day? Of course, make one of the iced teas with your favorite Shoti Maa Tea. Our team shared their favorite recipes for our Open Your Potential Blog.

Firstly, let’s start with the ingredients:

• 250ml boiled water

• 1 teabag of Shoti Maa “Touch the Ground”

• 50ml apple juice

• squeeze of lemon

• lemon or orange slices for serving

• mint leaves for serving

• sweetener if needed

1. Boil the water for the tea, put the tea bag into it, and leave it for 6 minutes.

2. Do you prefer it sweat? Add the sweetener and stir the drink.

3. As the drink is getting cold, add the juice and squeeze the lemon.

4. Add the fruit slices.

5. Leave it in the fridge until it is cold enough.

6. When the drink is poured into cups and glasses, add some ice and serve it with some mint leaves.

7. Enjoy!