How to work effectively from home? 

While more and more people are shifting to the remote work these days, the temporarily new lifestyle may be challenging for you. Hari Tea & Shoti Maa team is happy to share with you our tips on how to get into the working rhythm and keep your body and mind in good health.  

Start your day right 

Continue your morning rituals of productivity in the same rhythm. Cheer yourself up with lively music or dance while cooking breakfast. Or maybe it’s time to improve your routine and get up a little earlier than usual? It may sound strange, but an early rise has a positive effect on our day, and you can find out more about this here

Tidy Workplace, Tidy Mind

We all at least once noticed that a cluttered table leads to a less positive mood, so it is important to keep order in the workplace. Choose a comfortable chair that will not relax too much but will also help to maintain proper posture. Try to keep only those things that are necessary for work – laptop, notebook, pen and a cup of tea : ) 

Make a list of personal and work tasks

Your brain is not a good to-do list. Therefore, make a list of all cases: both work and personal. Perhaps, being at home, you will begin to notice more and more things that you need to do at home. 

Log out of social networks 

Social networks are an integral part of our day, but being at home, you may not notice how we begin to read Facebook and Instagram again and again. It is better for your mind to not check the news every minute and follow trusted sources of information to stay clear and focused. Are you looking for more information how to stay focused? Follow the link to learn about it in our blog.

Take some breaks 

Working hard is important, especially when you are so interested in the task you are doing. However, as well as in the office, you need some breaks to free your mind and relax your body. Open the window or go to the balcony – enjoy the beauty of the spring day and catch some sunlight!

Proper lighting 

Speaking about thelight, daylight makes the body wake up and act, which means that it uses all its resources for work. Therefore, strive to ensure that the workplace is lit naturally for as long as possible. But avoid glare on the monitor – your eyes will be strained, and you will quickly get tired. Artificial lighting is also important – cold white tones contribute to concentration, while yellow color relaxes the human body. 

Beware of snacks 

Sweets, cookies, marshmallows, and liters of coffee are unlikely to support your immunity in the upcoming weeks. Try not to “bite” and interrupt for full meals. Well, if you can’t do without snacks, then keep chopped vegetables, fruits and some nuts nearby. Some of our Shoti Maa Teas, like “Life on Wings” and “Emotional Detox” contain a licorice route that helps with sugar cravings.

Do sports 

Start your morning with activity and not in bed with a laptop. Go up to your usual alarm clock and take advantage of the time that it usually takes to get to the office. Walk your pet, do exercises and yoga at home. In our blog, we have collected several exercises that are suitable not only for experts but also for those who just want to try yoga. Follow the link and feel a surge of energy after several exercises. 

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