Terms and Conditions of the Find Your Element Raffle

Find Your Element Raffle

We are happy to announce the find Your Element Raffle!

And we hope you love quizzes as much as we do because it is the first step to balance your elements, and a chance to win Shoti Maa Element Teas set and get a discount on Sardinia at the BALAIANA Eco Retreat!

Firstly, spend 5 minutes on our Element Quiz (PUT THE LINK ON THE QUIZ). It is designed to find out your imbalanced elements which you can balance following our meditations and nutrition tips. As long as you finish the quiz and agreed to take part in the Raffle you’re one of the possible winners of our prizes!

Check out our social media pages not to miss nutrition tips and meditation specially made for each of the elements. Visit our blog to find out how the elements influence your chakra.

Share and comment your tips and tricks to balance the elements on our social media pages! The most interesting ideas may appear on our page 🙂

Conditions of Participation of the World Peace Day Raffle by Shoti Maa together with the Yogi Light – Peace Light by DESIGN BY JETZT in the period from – 30.09.2019.


The organizer of the competition is Shoti Maa / La Alternativa B.V., Weteringschans 108, 1017 XS Amsterdam, The Netherlands together DESIGN BY JETZT®, Oliver Fischer, Raiffeisenstr. 9, D-91596 Burk.

2. Participation in the raffle

To participate in the raffle the user has to:

  1.  like the raffle post (click “Like”)
  2. answer the raffle post questions by commenting under the raffle announcement post in Shoti Maa’s chronicle

Detailed information is available on the Shoti Maa Facebook page www.facebook.com/haritea.shotimaa.de.

3. Winner

The winners will be randomly selected and notified within 14 working days via Facebook message. The winners can send an email to info@shotimaa.com within two weeks of their winning notification, stating the full name, contact details, and the address. The prize is neither transferable nor can the prize be exchanged or paid in cash. The participant can only win once.

4. Eligibility

The participant has to be at least 18 years old. Staff members of Shoti Maa and Yogi Light – Peace Light by DESIGN BY JETZT, as well as their immediate relatives, are excluded from participation. Each person may only enter the raffle once, ie with only one Facebook profile. Participation via automated mass participation procedures is inadmissible. The participant may not violate any third-party rights in his answers via the comment function, in particular not expressing any insults or committing copyright infringements. In case of violation of foreign rights through his comments, the participant Shoti Maa / La Alternativa B.V. from liability towards third parties.

5. Participation period and profits

The raffle will take place until 30/09/2019, 23:59 on the Shoti Maa Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/haritea.shotimaa/). To win is the prize listed in Shoti Maa’s post: 1 of 5 Yogi Lights & 1 of 5 Shoti Maa Peace on Earth tea sets per winner.

More information about Yogi Light: https://www.vonjetzt.com/en

6. Privacy Policy

We only collect and use your data to carry out and process the competition. Your comments via the Facebook comment feature may also be read by third parties (e.g., other Facebook users).

7. Legal process

The legal process is excluded. A cash payment is not possible. Please note that this raffle is not affiliated with Facebook. The Contest is not sponsored, sponsored or organized by Facebook in any way. All questions should be directed to Shoti Maa (info@shotimaa.com).