Element Ether

Ether element is the most subtle of all the elements and can be hard to grasp. In essence, this element is space or emptiness. The Ether element gives the other elements a place to exist in. The origin of ether is the shabd or naad, which is the vibration or sound which permeates the universe in its purest form because of this sound. It is inseparable.


When your elements are balanced, you will have a deep connection to the infinite, have control of the projection, and effects of your voice. The qualities of Ether are expansive, unlimited, or creative. However, the qualities of Ether can also be described as the absence of the characteristics of the other elements.  For example, it can be cold due to the absence of fire or ungroundedness due to the absence of Earth.

Consequently, when the ether element is not in balance, you don’t give the other elements enough space to exist in and adopt the qualities of absence. It may also happen that it goes too far into the expanse of space, so you do not stay here on earth mentally. It is said that you must live predominantly from the ether element rather than any other element. When this happens, you are the happiest and most carefree being in the world. For this to happen, all other elements must be in balance.


To have a balance of our elements we need balance in our diet. Ether in itself is tasteless however we tend to find the most ether in bitter foods. These bitter foods are usually made up of both air and ether but usually have more air element which is why we usually associate the bitter foods with that element instead. With the right amount of ether you will become expansive but too much you will be ungrounded.

Another way to bring Ether into your body is our Shoti Maa “Joyful Silence tea. From this heartwarming blend, you will get the space to be in the moment. 


The chakra tied to the ether element is our source of sound the fifth chakra or throat chakra. This chakra is what differentiates us from other living creatures, our ability for communication and self-expression. When this chakra is not flowing due to an imbalance in the ether tattva you can experience trouble communicating or expressing yourself or have a form of negative communication. Therefore, when you feel blocked in this way, it is important to give yourself space to have a healthy flow of self-expression.