Element Earth

The essence of any of the five elements is to know its qualities and mediums it works through. The Earth tattva (also known as the pritvi tattva) is the first element. In synergy with the first chakra, it is stable, heavy and clear.


When the Earth element is out of balance, you can be chaotic, lacking in self-esteem, ungrounded, feeling insignificant, can’t withstand stress or irritable. However, when in balance, it can bring you compactness and stability to your emotions and your life due to its grounding effect. Balancing this tattva will give you more stamina, easy digestion, and a night of soft restful sleep.


The sense associated with the earth element is a smell, and it operates strongly through this medium.


The Earth element provides the structure for all food, although certain foods bring more of the Earth element into your body. Foods high in the Earth element are cooked vegetables, fruits, cereals, natural sweeteners (such as honey), and mild warming spices (cardamom, black pepper). Be careful with balancing this element. If you consume too much of this food, you will have an excess of new tissue needed to be stored in your body. The intake of Earth element foods is essential, but it can be detrimental when the element is thrown out of balance.

Another delicious way to balance your element is our Shoti Maa “Touch the Ground” tea. It combines a beautiful blend of mild warming spices, which creates a mouth-watering pungent flavor and aroma that reverberates through your whole Earth element.


The responsibilities of the Earth tattva due to its close link to the first chakra are very close-related to those of the first chakra. Therefore, Earth tattva is also responsible for your security and survival. If your Earth element is out of balance, you could be on edge, struggling to stay above water and possibly in a rough spot financially. This is where the Earth tattva`s eliminating and releasing qualities come to play. By eliminating and releasing what holds you back, you can move forward from a more grounded perspective, and thus, move through life smoothly and simply just like a true yogi.

Find The Balance

A great way to reconnect with the environment and the Earth element is to walk through nature barefoot. Simply take your shoes off and walk without any worries of your earthly troubles that keep us stuck. Let the energy flow and truly reconnect with the original base of our existence. Furthermore, there are plenty of ways to get the energy of the earth tattva moving. For example, exercise or have someone else open those physical earthly blocks with a massage.