Element Air

In the body, Air is expressed as motion and life. Through this element our blood circulates, our breath moves, and our thoughts flow. Air is the source behind all motion.


Each of the states has its determinants in any facet of our bodies and emotions. For example, it is vital to keep the flow balanced: it is unhealthy to have overflowing circulation as well as a too slow flow. Be sure Air circulates in your body as the blocked element is risky for your health.

You can harmonize the Air through steady daily routines, that maintain the Air tattva in a balance. It keeps us in a constant motion instead of the spastic and chaotic motion it usually follows. Emotionally the highest form of the Air element is surrender, and this requires faith. When surrendered to higher consciousness, this leads to a faith in the self and divine and allows the air to flow freely in our body


When you feel sluggish or lazy it could be from a lack of the Air element in your diet. The food in our diet, which increases the influence of air the most is the bitter flavor. Thus, when you feel stuck or just need that extra boost, bitter foods are excellent. But don’t only eat bitter foods! Too much air will give you too much motion and loss of stability.
If you wonder how to balance Air in another pleasant way, try our Shoti Maa “Life on Wings” tea! You will feel the carefree flow of life from the lovely deep flavor of the fennel and cardamom and a little kick of orange, which will bring you to motion. Try this wonderful tea when you wish to get something done harmoniously.


The chakra associated with the Air element is the heart chakra (fourth chakra). Therefore, keeping the Air tattva in balance is essential to keep your fourth chakra flowing. The heart chakra is related to compassion and love. Thus, when this chakra is flowing, we live a life of kindness and forgiveness to ourselves and others. From this, you will live in harmony within yourself and with your surroundings, and you will feel the love form the infinite. When this happens, you will feel like you are soaring through the sky like the wind.