Find your Balance in the Balaiana Eco Resort on Sardinia!

We are happy to present to you our partner who is as existed about balancing the Elements as we are!


The Eco center is nestled in one of the most beautiful natural landscapes in Europe designed to provide all the wellbeing and space you need for a peaceful retreat. This little paradise was designed by Elke Bayer, Certified Anusara Yoga Teacher, who knows exactly the needs of her guests who are looking for the perfect setting for yoga, meditation, and self-awareness.


The tranquility and unspoiled nature enhance the quality of daily yoga practice. Did you know that Sardinia is one of the 5 „Blue Zones“ in the world where people not only live longer but better? The air and water quality is of the highest and supports the cleansing and healing processes. In harmony with nature and the people of the island is a driving factor in the implementation of our eco-claim. They use seasonal, organic food from nearby farmers, have sophisticated water treatment systems, and used natural materials to build the structure.

The resort is located close to the picturesque village of Luogosanto, a “sacred” and authentic place where time passes slowly, and a welcoming pilgrimage destination that owes its name to a devotion that characterizes its community and to 22 sanctuaries spread out close by in the area. Luogosanto is the cultural center for Gallura, in north-eastern Sardinia, drenched in history, religion, and culture, surrounded by breathtaking landscapes. Away from the hustle and bustle of tourism, you will feel the very special energy of the land during your stay!

Between activities, one can regenerate, contemplate or study in calm and peaceful spaces that the stunning nature created for you or relax by the turquoise pool. Be touched by the warm sunlight and amazed by the endless stars of the night sky.


Balaiana offers a rich program of Retreats, Teacher Trainings, and Workshops, which include Yoga and Meditation, Coaching and Massage trainings. The place provides a healthy, positive environment for exchange with like-minded people, communication and group activities.

The resort offers everyone a warmhearted stay where they can experience the beauty of life in exchange for like-minded people. It supports you with our full commitment to spend a transforming time there. Freedom and openness, harmony with nature and friendliness, happiness and love are the values that are waiting for you there.


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