Discover the Chakra Design accessories by Chakmonie®

Chakra Coaster

Handmade glass coasters in chakra design with cheerful and colorful mandalas for an energetic day!
The right impulse for every chakra: energizing and colorful mandalas from sacred geometry have an activating and harmonizing effect on your seven chakras. Enjoy relaxing breaks and moments of wellbeing in hectic everyday life. You have the choice between seven radiant-glowing mandalas – intuitively choose from your stomach which of your seven chakras can use an energy kick!
Loving chakra design that looks pretty and just puts you in a good mood.

Chakra Pillow

Cuddly, soft feel-good pillow made of velvety velour to relax, to
Meditate, for travel or as a decorative accessory and much more in nine bright chakra colors.

The right impulse for every chakra!
You ask yourself why there are nine colors to choose from for the pillows, although only seven main chakras are spoken of? Well, very simple: for the heart and crown chakra you have the choice of 2 corresponding healing colors per chakra. For the heart chakra, it is fresh green & happy pink as well as spiritual violet and clear cream white for your crown chakra. For all other chakras, the classic chakra colors red, orange, yellow, turquoise and blue are available. *
High-quality pillows, hand-sewn in Germany and lovingly decorated by hand with the precious Chakmonie® Mandalas from the Stars Deluxe Collection made of sparkling Swarvoski crystals. Every pillow is unique!

Chakra Necklace

Check out the magical chakra necklace in ethnic boho style with energetic chakra mandalas from sacred geometry to activate your energy centers. There is a silver-plated ball chain with a powerful and colorful medallion pendant and a color-coordinated cotton tassel. If you like it more subtle, the colored tassel can also be removed at any time.

Exclusive Chakmonie® design, silver-plated, anti-allergenic and are made in Germany!

Palm leaf basket bags

100% natural product – handmade basket bags made of palm leaf with stable leather handles. They are manufactured in socially fair production according to EU standards under the sun of Madagascar and refined with the precious Chakmonie mandalas made from original Swarovski crystals. Every piece is unique!