Clear Mindscape: how to start your morning with a fresh mind

Your daily routine is something that has been developing for years, and the time you wake up is an important aspects. While it is natural to enjoy every minute of the morning sleep, there are numerous studies about the benefits of waking up early. Moreover, some new possibilities arise when the alarm is switched an hour earlier.

The first benefit that arises is more time. Living in this rush in our world can be crazy, and it is so common to keep some work for weekends such as parsing the collected mail or signing up for new sources. While these tasks do not require a lot of time, by continuously postponing them it accumulates making small tasks take a whole weekend. The accomplishment of some of your small tasks in the morning throughout the week clears time for more leisure time with family, self-care, and reconnection with nature on weekends.

Being awake earlier might reduce stress levels. The pressure of being late to meetings, work, and replacing proper breakfast with just a cup of tea or coffee should be minimized. The nourishing punch of vitamins and minerals from breakfast is important for the well-being (Nicklas, O’Neil, & Myers, 2004).

While the mindset of getting up early is great. There is something that can also help kick-start your day, the herbal infusion of ginger, lemon and turmeric in our Hari Tea “Mindscape” creates a beautiful addition to your breakfast. It helps to get back in focus quicker, and its classic taste brings ideas back into life.

Another way to start the day is by spending some time exercising or just getting to work without a car. Early mornings are especially beautiful with the charm of the sunrise and the emptiness of the streets around. Mornings can be especially inspiring for morning yoga. Regular morning yoga practice increases flexibility, helps to wake up quickly, and keeps the body in a good shape. It is also less common to skip morning exercises because of sudden evening plans with family or friends.

Having more time in the morning, lowers the chance to be late to work, classes, or meetings which will positively affect your working performance and career development. Your mind in the morning will not be clogged with stress, thus daily goals can be set clearly to create a structured action plan and increase productivity.
Be careful not to change the time you wake up immediately. It is less stressful to set the alarm 10-15 minutes earlier regularly to change the sleeping schedule slowly. Try not to use a lot of gadgets in bed before sleep but read a book instead, and look forward to the upcoming day.

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