Chakras are the 7 energy centers in the body. As popular as this idea may have become by now, very few know about its meaning, even less than everyone can do so through appropriate and simple daily activities such as eating and drinking (tea), balancing it and optimizing the way of life.

Our Shoti Maa, which means little mother in Sanskrit, now asks: are your chakras in balance? Following the Ayurvedic tradition of our family company, for which we work with body and soul, we put our teas together with love and expertise according to the principles of the ancient Indian Ayurveda and chakra teaching and harmonize them harmoniously with one another – with organic ingredients, like petals, seeds, and herbs. Discover your chakra balance and the appropriate Shoti Maa chakra tea in the online test! In April there is also a 10% discount on our chakra teas in our webshop.

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