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Balance your chakras!

Do you know what a chakra is and where your chakras are?

Your body has seven subtle main energy centers – also called chakras – that align like a pearl necklace along your spine. The knowledge of the chakras comes from the ancient Indian healing arts and translated from Sanskrit chakra means “energy wheel” or “energy whirl”. These chakras are very fine energy points that control many processes in our organism and contribute significantly to our well-being. Feel and sense, be in tune with yourself and make your chakra energy flow. Each chakra has its own (life) theme and is related, among other things, to body organs, feelings, elements, sensory, and gland functions.

In addition to Ayurveda, the extensive healing knowledge of the ancient Indian chakra teaching has been available to us for centuries, with which you can easily support your energy system – for more balance and harmony in everyday life! From the root to the crown, you will receive many useful tips for your everyday life from us, how you can harmonize your chakras energetically with nutrition, yoga, meditation, and nutrition. Our Shoti Maa, which means Little Mother in Sanskrit, helps you with Ayurvedic tea blends that have been created specifically for each chakra to support your inner balance.

Shoti Maa Balance Chai Classic

To harmonize all seven chakras, the little mother “Shoti Maa” created the Balance Chai – because when all chakras are open, you feel in balance. The Hindu goddess Lakshmi is looking at you on our balance tea box – with her help you can surround yourself with golden warmth and protect yourself from external influences because thousands of impressions pour into us every second of our life. If everything is moving around us, we need an inner pole of calm. The inspiring aroma of the warming spices, such as cinnamon, clove, and cardamom, creates a balance between hotness and sweetness – this creates a new balance in which everything has its place.