7. Chakra: Crown Chakra

Are you universally connected? Do you feel universally connected? Discover the purity within you!

Seat and function of the chakra

The 7th Chakra, crown, or Sahasrara chakra lies on the highest point of the head at the crown. The crown chakra embodies your cosmic and universal consciousness. It gives you deep trust in the unknown, as well as wisdom beyond knowledge and solves possible fears within you. The crown chakra symbolizes the universal connection between you and the cosmos: infinity and sacred truth of purity. Everything is one, all and everything is connected.

On a physical level, the 7th chakra is associated with the brain and the whole of your being. With the beginning of your 43rd birthday and the end of your 49th year, you have completed the first cycle of your chakras. Especially in this last phase of the 7-year cycle, the crown chakra focuses on topics such as self-fulfillment, inventiveness, spirituality, and cosmic consciousness.


The crown chakra consists of the colors violet, white and gold. Violet is the color of meditation and spirituality; it also provides protection and protects you from external energetic influences. White symbolizes purity and clarity. Gold is the epitome of the divine and infinity. The entirety of these colors enables the crown chakra to open up and let energies flow.


A harmonious 7th chakra is an expression of the highest perfection in cosmic consciousness. It can be more or less developed and due to its unfolding, all limiting blockages of the other chakras are released. The Kundalini energy within you can rise and you feel universally connected: separation & limitation from inside and outside are eliminated. You are divine consciousness and carry all wisdom within you: you shine from within and are your creator. The divine essence and pure being within you fill you with bliss. Deep knowledge and the feeling of universal connection let you be one with the cosmos: your self merges into the universal self.

To balance your crown chakra, we at Shoti Maa created the tea “Delighted” for you, with ginger, lemon & turmeric. The Hindu goddess Saraswati looks at you from the tea box. She is the Indian goddess of wisdom and scholarship. With the clarity of thought that she brings you can do anything, even move mountains if you want Vigorous ginger fuels the mind, the freshness of the lemon awakens the senses. Open your eyes because the future is emerging right now.


Meditations help us to find the most natural state of harmony and balance. While each of the chakras can be balanced through mediations that are dedicated particularly to the certain chakra (take out Chakra Quiz to find out which chakra should be balanced for you), there are meditations to find the overall harmony. Find more about Ego Eradicator Mediation here and the 4-stroke breath here to balance your chakra.